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Tabby Fudge - President

Tabby Fudge

School Council: Girraween Primary School
School Board: Taminmin College
Contact: 0417 844 251

Tabby is a long term Territorian and has two daughters, one attending Girraween Primary school and one at Taminmin College where she serves on their respective school council and school board. Tabby is also an active volunteer at the school, as well as involved with her children’s netball.

Tabby has long been a passionate advocate for our Public Education System; “The social and economic benefits our communities could be rewarded by a properly resourced public education system are immeasurable.”

Prior to accepting the position of President at COGSO Tabby was Vice Chair of the Palmerston and Rural Region and Treasurer of COGSO. Elected as President in 2015 and re-elected in 2016 Tabby commits considerable time and energy to promoting the interests of children and families in public education. She is a passionate advocate for schools at our monthly meeting with the Minister for Education and our monthly meetings with the Chief Executive of the Department of Education.

Robin Lawrence - Vice President

Vice President
Robin Lawrence

School Council: Sanderson Middle School
School Board: Casuarina Senior College
Contact: 0409 847 755

Robin Lawrence, was born in Darwin in 1966. About half of his and his sisters school years were via correspondence as his parents worked in remote areas and communities during the dry season. They attended Wagaman Primary School before the Cyclone, Robin and his family were not evacuated from Darwin but stayed on to help with the rebuilding of the town. Then as schools were being put back in operation they attended; Moil, Wanguri, and finally Howard Springs Primary as his parents had bought a property in what is known as Elizabeth Valley (behind Noonamah and the only way in to it at the time was via a dirt road that often got washed out during the wet and came out on the Arnhem Highway near the Humpty Doo shops). Robin attended Casuarina High school initially then moved to Dripstone High when it first opened. Dripstone High at that time had an annex of the School of the Air located there.

Robin and his wife have four children (3 sons and a daughter) attending two different schools; Sanderson Middle School, and Casuarina Senior College. He was once Chairman of Anula Primary School Council & is presently the Chairman of Sanderson Middle School Council. Robin also sits as a parent member on Casuarina Senior College Board. He is presently involved at Sanderson Middle school where school council are running a pilot after-hour’s centre called the Sanderson Neighbourhood Activity Centre.

Robin presently works for the Northern Territory Government, is the owner of a local small business that he has started and hopes that his children will take an interest in it when they leave school, he helps the Chung Wah Society by helping transport some of the Lion troupe’s around for the Chinese New Year shop blessings, along with some Temple festivals. He is also community minded with his local area and has run for Alderman to be on the City of Darwin Council.

Robin has been involved with School Councils since about 2007 as he believes that public education is important and that as parents and adults we have a responsibility to have input into our children’s education and wellbeing.

Tooba Awais - Treasurer

Tooba Awais

School Council: Stuart Park Primary School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Tooba Awais was born and raised in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and is working as a Science Teacher and is mum to two girls. She is currently studying a Masters in Teaching with the aim of a PHD in Education.

Tooba strongly believes that education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world and that is what she aims for. Since arriving in Australia she has assisted at her children's school by listening to reading, mentoring children, teaching dance and preparing many multicultural dance performances.

With a strong belief in empowering the girls of our society, Tooba also enjoys working as a Leader for Girl Guides NT.

"I would say that as parents we are given every opportunity to take part in our children's education. Elected as Treasurer of COGSO is a rewarding experience for me and I look forward to being a part of the amazing team of parents that run this valuable organisation".

Tooba encourages other parents out there to step up onto their school council and speak up for the great cause of public education.

Wayne Green

Barkly Region Representative
Wayne Green

School Councils: Tennant Creek Primary School and Tennant Creek High School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Wayne is an active School Council member at both the High School & Primary School in Tennant Creek. He is into his 6th year at Tennant Creek High School and has served 8 years in total (but not continuously) at Tennant Creek Primary School. Wayne has 4 children across both schools ranging from Year 1 to Year 12.

Wayne is a big believer in the need for parent and community involvement within the school.


East Arnhem Region Representative

School Council:
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Noelene Armstrong - Darwin Region Representative

Darwin Region Representative
Noelene Armstrong

School Council: Stuart Park Primary School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Noelene is the parent of two children at Stuart Park Primary School.

As a passionate advocate for children with special needs, Noelene believes that with the appropriate supports in place, all children can feel safe and thrive in the school environment.

Noelene also has a strong interest in child mental health and building resilience in children as part of the education curriculum.

Natasha O'Keefe

Katherine Region Representative
Natasha O'Keefe

School Council: Borroloola School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Noela Anderson

Katherine Region Representative
Noela Anderson

School Council: Borroloola School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Nikki Elliott - Palmerston & Rural Region Representative

Palmerston & Rural Region Representative
Nikki Elliott

School Council: Moulden Park Primary School
Contact: 0419 975 162 or (08) 8999 3255

Nikki emigrated to Darwin from England in November 1984, she attended Dripstone Middle School and Casuarina Senior College completing her HSC. Nikki then went on to NT University to complete a Bachelor of Science and later to Charles Darwin University to complete a Graduate Certificate in Biology. Nikki has been employed by the NT Government for the last 25 years currently as a Microbiologist.

She has also been part of a not-for-profit childcare centre committee for 13 years only recently leaving, leading her onto an education path by seeing the implementation of the National Quality Framework.

Nikki has two children who both attend a Government school. She believes the best way to help children get the best educational experience and outcomes is by being actively involved in the education process of their school, this can be done in a number of ways but for Nikki it was joining the Moulden Park Primary School Council in 2013, where she is currently holding the position of Chairperson.

"Parent, Teacher, School and Community collaboration is so vitally important in creating successful learning. Supporting and working together is the key to success for all our children."

For the past 2 years Nikki has had a STEM partnership with Moulden Park Primary School which has been a fantastic experience for her to be able to share her knowledge and passion with the children. "The kids truly amaze me with their interest and enthusiasm to learn all things scientific."

  David Sargeant - Southern Region Representative

Southern Region Representative
David Sargeant

School Council: Braitling Primary School
Contact: 0455 107 271 or (08) 8999 3255

Dave has spent a fair chunk of his working life overseas returning to Australia and settling in Alice Springs at the start of 2016. He has a daughter at Braitling Primary School and a son in the preschool there.

He joined the board of Braitling at the start of 2017 and has been an advocate of having more counsellors in our schools and for the teaching of Indigenous languages to be more widespread.

David has worked in education systems in different countries and has seen first hand how a successful system can improve the lives of disadvantaged children and is a strong supporter in equity in our school systems.


Public Officer
Fred Richardson

Contact: 0408 944 265

  1. The Public Officer must ensure that documents are filed with the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs in accordance with sections 23, 28 and 45 of the Act.
  2. The Public Officer must keep a current copy of the Constitution of the Council.


Michelle Parker

Michelle Parker
Executive Officer

Contact: (08) 8999 3255 or 042 888 5353

Michelle is responsible for supporting and enabling the Executive to fulfil its governance functions in line with COGSO policy and constitution. Providing executive leadership, operational management and direction to achieve COGSO's Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives.

Michelle has an extensive background in Governance and Compliance, School Business Management in addition to, more recently, Mediation Accreditation. She has also held positions on Education Boards and Associations. 

Michelle believes that all children have the right to access a full and free high quality education. 

Michelle has a son in middle school and is a member of two School Councils, both as an invited member.

Governance and Mentor Training Officer (GMTO)

Alice Gawler

Governance & Mentoring Training
Alice Gawler

Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Alice has recently relocated to Darwin with her family after living and working in the remote town of Yulara for the past 8 years.

After working in hospitality and tourism for several years, Alice was then employed by the Department of Education as Business Manager for Yulara School, Imanpa School and Mutijulu School.

Allice was actively involved in the Yulara School Council as Secretary and Treasurer as well as the wider community, taking on positions within several community organisations and clubs.

Alice is passionate about education and strongly believes in sharing and developing community knowledge and skills to empower parents and caregivers to ensure they are receiving the best possible outcomes for their child every day.

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