Children with Additional Needs

All children are entitled to be included and to participate in a high quality education. 

An inclusive education means that all students are welcomed – regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background or educational need. They learn, contribute to, and take part in all aspects of school life.

The support we offer varies with each circumstance as each child and family is unique. We offer assistance with communicating with the school, establishing meeting and attending (in person or via teleconferencing) meetings and conferences with key staff at the school and assisting families to understand Learning Agreements or Educational Adjustment Plans.

Our focus at all times is the student front and centre and assisting steps forward that contribute to the child being a successful learner. The insight and skills used to support and assist families are the result of extended engagement in NT COGSO advocating to support effective processes within and between education, health and disability sectors. Through this extensive experience working with NT families, NT COGSO has a detailed understanding of the barrier's families face when attempting to obtain a diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic supports for their children.

The NT reports the highest proportion nationally of students with additional needs, with 27% of students receiving education adjustments. However, only 22% of all children receiving education adjustments have a formal diagnosis. NT families face significant barriers obtaining a diagnosis and accessing therapeutic supports for their children. These may include low levels of health/disability literacy, high levels of socio-economic disadvantage fragmented pathways between health and education, long waitlists, lack of affordable private pathways, and an overrepresentation of complex family issues, chronic disease and psychological distress, particularly among ATSI populations. These issues are exacerbated in remote locations.

As parents and carers, navigating through the health and education system to determine what assistance is possible can be challenging. These resources may make the process easier for you.

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Students with Additional Needs - NT Full Council Motions Raised between 2015-2018